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Interested in bridal jewelry? Want a certain piece but don’t see it for sale? Have a great design idea you want to bring to life? We’d love to work with you. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ or ask them below.

Tell us what you would like us to make! If you're interested in bridal jewelry, please give us your projected wedding date, wedding colors, and any details that might be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?
It depends on the piece. Engagement rings and fine jewelry may take four to six weeks depending on how difficult the stone is to source. In general, smaller pieces typically take up to two weeks, and larger ones take up to three weeks.

Turnaround time increases during the holidays, and we usually have to stop taking custom orders in mid-Autumn to ensure that we can fill all orders in time for the holidays.

How much does a piece of jewelry typically cost?
This depends entirely on the material and amount of time required to create the piece. Size, material, stone, and setting all have an effect on price. Don’t be afraid to contact us! We’ll respond quickly with a quote. To get a general idea of our prices, visit our online store and browse the selection.

How do I know it will look like I want it to?
If you are ordering a piece that we have made in the past, we will recreate the design. Since all of our pieces are handmade, there is some slight variation between pieces of the same design, but that just makes your piece that much more unique.

If you have a design idea that is new to Fossil and Hide (bring it on!), we want to bring your idea to life. We will collaborate with you, sharing sketches and any images we can to facilitate the process. We often make prototypes out of cheaper materials to ensure quality results.