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Fossil & Hide

Since 2012, besties Karen Horn Smith and Jenny Watts have operated Fossil and Hide, crafting hand-made jewelry in their studio in Atlanta, GA. Their relationship began years earlier, spurred by a shared love of music and jewelry. The two would often trade records and pieces, eventually designing jewelry for each other. Since then, they have produced hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces together.

As adherents to the principles of the slow fashion movement, Karen and Jenny strive to create jewelry that transcends fads and disposable culture, crafting pieces that are meant to endure both stylistically and physically. Often their work finds inspiration in nature, in the artistry of bygone cultures like ancient Egypt and Byzantium, and in the techniques used by earlier civilizations. By looking to the time-tested, they hope to make jewelry that lasts through seasons, trends, and decades.

Karen and Jenny think of their jewelry as a means of empowerment or protection for the wearer, amplifying something within. Whether it is beauty, confidence, or something deeper, what’s inside is worth sharing with the world, and Fossil and Hide’s mission is to help bring it out.